Riding Facilities

There is an oversized outdoor arena, 240 ft by 85 feet. 40 feet has grass footing, and the remainder is sand over compacted clay and stone dust. The drainage is excellent, and there is room for three horses to school at once. It is fully fenced and gated, and there are chairs for visitors to watch from. There is also a wide-stance built mounting stage for riders who have difficulty with a traditional 2 or 3 step mounting block.

There is a new indoor arena, 120 x 70 square feet with post and beam construction and four banks of skylights. Ventilation for summer is provided by doors on either end, and four large windows. The roof (around the skylights) is insulated with styrofoam and tek-foil, to mitigate noise and to prevent thermal transfer. The footing is sand over compacted clay, TRG., and stone dust.

Trainers affiliated with Back Acres Farm: