Retirement Services

Back Acres Farm has a limited number of stalls available for competition horses needing retirement facilities or lay-up time. After long years of effort, these horses deserve the chance to be horses - to have ample and all day turnout, horse friends, and individualized attention.

Back Acres Farm offers these amenities, along with stalls tailored to the larger horse and equi-foam flooring for sore or aging hocks, hips, hooves, etc. The location is extremely safe - the farm is at the end of a dead end road with no traffic at all, and at an elevation which minimizes the animals' exposure to ticks.

We feed whatever the horse needs, blanket in season, fly mask, spray, and generally fuss over the horse’s comfort. There is equine body-work available (for an extra fee), a variety of veterinary approaches, a variety of farrier approaches, and equine dentistry.

There is also schooling, hacking or groundwork available if desired (for an extra fee). The horse will never be used for schoolwork or riding without the owner’s permission.

Weekly photos are available by e-mail for those owners wishing to check on their horse, and owners are encouraged to visit and interact.